Air Conditioning Replacement

If you’re looking for emergency HVAC services, don’t hesitate calling HVAC Home Services today!

No one likes being stuck in hot weather! HVAC Home Services has been providing the greater Fontana area with AC replacement services since 2014. If you feel like it might be time to have your current air conditioning unit replaced, don’t hesitate to contact our team. We’ll make sure to leave your home more comfortable than we find it!

Like all good things, air conditioning units do not last forever. The average air conditioning until lasts anywhere from 10-20 years. If you & your family have had the same system for a long period of time, it might be time for an upgrade. HVAC Home Services has experience with all different types of AC units. Our highly trained professionals will be sure to leave your home with the air conditioning unit we feel is most beneficial for you. By replacing your current HVAC unit with a more energy-efficient system, you may even begin saving on your energy bills!

Is it Time to Repair or Replace?

Whether you’re ready to buy a new cooling system today or are still in the research phase, we’re happy you came across our company. HVAC Home Services truly cares about your home’s comfort. If you’re noticing your cooling system is struggling to keep your home cool, we are here for you. Here are a few signs you might be ready for a replacement:

  • Strange noises occur when your air conditioner is turned on.
  • The AC is running, but not properly cooling the home.
  • The air conditioner refuses to turn on.
  • The thermostat isn’t working correctly. 
  • There are leaks near the AC unit.
Man checking AC wall system.

The expert, licensed technicians at HVAC Home Services know when it’s time for an air conditioning replacement. As much as we wish your air conditioning system would last forever, it will only last about 15 years on average. We have experience with all types of units and know what’s best for your home. Whether you’re in need of one unit for a small home or a couple to keep a large building cool, we are here for you.

When you chose to work with HVAC Home Services, you will know the price of your new AC unit and install before any work is done. We know replacing an entire air conditioning system can be expensive! We offer financing and here to work with you. The comfort of your family is our top priority.

HVAC Home Services is just a phone call away! We are here to answer any questions you might be having at this time. Looking for a new air conditioning system isn’t always fun, but we’re here to help every step along the way.