HVAC Services in Norco, California​

Your home should be a place of rest and rejuvenation, whether cranking up the AC in the California summer or warming up when the weather cools down. Norco California residents trust HVAC Home Service’s experts with any heating or air conditioning tune-ups and replacements they might need.

HVAC Home Services knows you rely on your air conditioning unit to stay refreshed when Norco temperatures reach the 90s. In addition, California may be known for its heat, but that doesn’t mean your heater, furnace, or heat pump doesn’t need to be in working condition during cooler months. Whether you use an AC system or a heat pump to cool your house or a heater, furnace, or heat pump to keep it warm, our technicians have the experience to keep your unit functioning properly.

Air Conditioning & Heating Repair

Air conditioner repair in Corona and Fontana California

Air conditioners and heating units break down for a variety of reasons. No matter the issue, working with HVAC Home Services guarantees you’ll receive the repairs needed to have a heating, cooling, or combination unit that does its job. While conducting a repair, our Norco local technicians will take a comprehensive look at your air conditioning or heating unit to assess common issues found during a tune-up and other less common maintenance needs.

If your air conditioning or heat pump unit isn’t blowing cold air or won’t turn on, we can provide a solution to get you cooled back down with our air conditioning & heat pump repair services. When your heating system goes out or makes strange noises, our furnace, heater & heat pump repair services will get it back in working order.

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Air Conditioning & Heating Maintenance

Furnace and Water heater Services

HVAC Home Services can help you be proactive about keeping your unit in top shape with our maintenance services. We service most HVAC brands you will find on the market around Norco. Avoid emergency air conditioning repair in the summer heat with HVAC Home Service’s air conditioning & heat pump maintenance or ductless AC services. 

Our team will ensure your unit is clean and functioning, saving you time, energy, and money down the road. HVAC Home Services recommends annual service of your heating unit. The Norco HVAC Home Services team will give you peace of mind that your heater or furnace is performing efficiently.

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Air Conditioning & Heating Replacement & Installation

Unfortunately, your air conditioner and heater don’t last forever, but HVAC Home Services is here to help! Our Norco local technicians can advise if you need a new system, explain your replacement options, help remove an old unit, and install your brand-new one! We offer installation and replacement for a variety of air conditioning unit types, including but not limited to:

• Central AC systems
• Swamp Coolers
• Split-duct systems
• Ductless AC

If your heater or furnace is older than ten years, it may be time to consider a replacement. Considering the cost of ongoing repairs and improvement to unit efficiency are factors that make this the best solution instead of repairing the system. Our furnace, heater & heat pump replacement services ensure an updated home comfort experience with a new, reliable heater or furnace.

Don’t suffer in the Norco heat any longer than you have to! HVAC Home Services’ air conditioning & heat pump installation is the perfect solution when you need a new unit added to your home that you can count on for years to come. Our technicians work professionally and attentively and will install your air conditioner or heat pump so that it lasts.

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HVAC Home Services has a 24/7 service guarantee, so you can take solace in knowing we will prioritize your emergency service if you need last-minute assistance.

The friendly team at HVAC Home Services has experience with all major air conditioning and heating unit brands, with the industry expertise required to accomplish your goal of having a comfortable home for your family. Customers across Norco and Riverside County trust HVAC Home Services’ transparent pricing and dependable service.