HVAC Services in Chino Hills, California​

HVAC Home Services is your go-to for home comfort in Chino Hills, California. When your home’s heating or cooling system starts acting up, we are ready to help get it back running smoothly again. Whether you face unusual odors, strange noises, or a lack of heater or cooled air, we will find the issue and resolve it. We aim to be reliable and offer only high-quality service, ensuring your home is comfortable even during system breakdowns. We also know that a heater or air conditioner failure can become an emergency situation, which is why we also offer anytime emergency HVAC service

Regular maintenance is an essential step for keeping your systems functioning through hot days and chilly nights. We recommend twice annual maintenance for your system. Regular check-ups can lengthen the life of your system and prevent emergencies while increasing efficiency and reliability. It’s best to schedule your air conditioner tune-up before and after the hottest parts of the summer and your heater tune-up before and after the winter season. Staying on top of the health of your Chino Hills HVAC system with HVAC Home Services will save time, money, and effort!

As locals of the San Bernardino and Riverside counties, we take pride in helping our neighbors have the best home temperature possible. With our upfront, transparent pricing and no overtime fees, you can trust that we’ll get your system running without surprises. Our team is fully licensed and trained, ready to find the best solution for your home heating and cooling issues the first time.

HVAC Home Heating Services

Furnace and Water heater Services

When Chino Hills temperatures outside drop and you want to crank up the heat, you depend on your heater or furnace to bring up the temperatures inside your home. 

HVAC Home Services provides repair, maintenance, and replacement services to ensure your heater works when you need it most. We recommend scheduling a tune-up for your heater in the late summer or early fall before the temperatures drop and emergency heater repair appointments skyrocket. We also advise scheduling a tune-up after the cold season wraps up to make sure your heater made it through the winter in one piece. 

If your heater exhibits unusual signs such as weird noises, uneven cooling, cold air, or increased dust, reach out to HVAC Home Services for repairs. Our experts can identify the source of the issue and make repairs before you have a system malfunction or emergency. Recognizing and catching repairs before they become larger can save you from the headache of an emergency or the cost of a complete replacement. 

When age and wear outweigh repair costs, replacing your air conditioner can be the better option. Newer heating systems, including heat pumps, can be more efficient and save energy. The experts at HVAC Home Services are happy to help you decide the best heating system for your home, as well as remove the existing unit and install the new one. When you want to ensure your heater is reliable with maintenance or get it functioning better with repairs and replacements, HVAC Home Services can help. Schedule today online or give us a call to get started with a cozier home. 

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HVAC Home AC Cooling Services

Living in an area like Chino Hills, known for its heat, means your air conditioner has its work cut out. Our experts are here to help your system work how you need it to, offering air conditioner repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement services. Like heating systems, regular air conditioner maintenance can go a long way to prolong the life of your unit and ensure cooling relief on a hot day. We will inspect your system, make any needed repairs, and clean the system. In some cases, we’ll let you know if a total AC replacement is a better option for your Chino Hills home. 

Additionally, we perform repairs when something goes wrong, or you notice unusual occurrences such as warm air, leaking, or high humidity. The HVAC Home Services team has seen almost every problem in the book and will work to find the issue quickly and efficiently. Alongside air conditioner repairs, we can ensure your thermostat is working correctly, which is vital for accessing your air conditioner to cool your home. 

Even with regular repairs and maintenance, air conditioners can fail and need replacement. HVAC Home Services will help you decide if it’s the right time for a replacement and install your new system. The need for a replacement can be a great time to switch to an alternated cooling system, such as a ductless split AC system or heat pump.

No matter what your heating and cooling systems need to keep your home comfortable throughout the year’s varied weather in Chino Hills, HVAC Home Services has the expertise and commitment to help. We are passionate about keeping your home comfortable with repairs, maintenance, and replacements. We offer financing options to relieve the stress of a significant, necessary investment. Reach out to our friendly experts today for a heating or cooling appointment. You can reach us online or by phone

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