HVAC Services in Upland, California​

Returning home from a day out in the small town of Upland, California means you probably want to escape from the heat or chillier temperatures of the outdoors. HVAC Home Services serves as you destination for premium home comfort. When you can no longer rely on your home’s heating or cooling system, we make it a priority to restore it and leave you with temperature control you can rely on. We will identify the source of problems like unpleasant odors, unusual noises, or the absence of warm or cool air circulation. Once identified, we will work to find you an effective solution to restore comfort.

Every member of the HVAC Home Services team operates with reliability and professionalism, ensuring top-notch quality. We recognize that heating or air conditioning malfunctions can quickly escalate and become a more serious situation, which is why we support our neighbors across Upland with round-the-clock emergency HVAC services. As residents of San Bernardino and Riverside counties, our experts take pride in assisting our neighbors with their home comfort needs. Our pricing is upfront and transparent, never leaving you with surprising overtime fees. All our HVAC professionals are fully licensed with years of training, ensuring we provide effective service to tackle your heating and cooling issues.

Safeguard your Upland home’s HVAC system by choosing HVAC Home Services for your heating and cooling repairs, maintenance, replacements, and installations.

HVAC Home Heating Services

Furnace and Water heater Services

A cold and rainy day in Upland can make you want to retreat to your home and fire up your heating system. 

When that furnace, heat pump or other heating system is no longer keeping you reliably warm, HVAC Home Services can help. We bring you heater repairs, maintenance, and replacements so that you don’t have to worry about a miserably cold home. We recommend scheduling maintenance twice a year, once before and once after the coldest time of year. Scheduling before and after you need your heater most helps you ensure it remains reliable and lessens your chance of having a heater repair emergency.

Even with regular maintenance, your heating system may hit points where it needs repairs. Indications such as weird noises, uneven heating, a lack of heat, or poor indoor air quality may be the first signs your system exhibits before breaking down. If you notice these signs, it’s best to reach out to the professionals for a repair before things get worse. The HVAC Home Services experts can recognize problems and make repairs, preventing full system breakdowns or emergency situations. Addressing problems early on can offer savings, both for your wallet and your peace of mind.

In some cases, time and wear and tear can lead to needing a heater replacement, especially when repairs become frequent and costly. A new heating system, such as a heat pumps, can enhance the efficiency of your system, saving energy. We can help you select your new heating system, ensuring you have the optimal option for your home needs. We remove the old unit and install the new one, leaving you with reliable heating any time of year. Whether dependable heat is maintained through maintenance, repairs, or replacement, our experts can help. Get started on the path to your coziest home by scheduling service online or calling us.

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HVAC Home AC Cooling Services

Living in Upland means a hot day is no unusual circumstance, which makes having a working air conditioner essential for your home. We offer a comprehensive range of air conditioner services including repair, maintenance, installation, and replacement. Similar to heating systems, the regular maintenance of your air conditioner can increase its longevity and guarantee a reprieve even on the hottest day. During maintenance, we inspect the entire system before performing repairs and a thorough system cleaning. In certain instances, we may recommend a complete AC replacement to better serve your Upland residence.

When your air conditioner is acting unusually, such as blowing warm air, leaking refrigerant, or failing to dehumidify your space, you may need repairs. The HVAC Home Services experts will identify the source of the air conditioner problem and resolve it with our professional repair services. We also ensure functionality of your thermostat, a vital component for controlling home temperature. If it comes time for an AC replacement, we have experience with air conditioning system of all types, such as central-air, heat pumps, and a ductless split AC systems. We can help you decide if a replacement system is best for you, or if you want to use this opportunity to switch to a more eco-friendly and energy-efficient cooling system.

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Additional Services

Our services extend beyond just heating and cooling, aiming to elevate your Upland home’s comfort to the next level. We provide a range of complete solutions, such as water heater installation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure a consistent supply of hot water for various household needs. Other services include thermostat repair and installation services to optimize your HVAC system, enhancing temperature control and efficiency, and air quality solutions to address indoor air contaminants, such as pollen and dust.

No matter what your heating, cooling or other HVAC systems demand, HVAC Home Services remains dedicated to keeping your home comfortable no matter the weather outside. We combine our expertise with a passion for helping our neighbors to provide repairs, maintenance, replacements, and anything else needed to give you home temperature control. Since HVAC services are a necessary investment, we offer flexible financing options. Regardless of the temperature in Upland, HVAC Home Services is dedicated to delivering prompt and accurate solutions to satisfy your needs. Contact us online or by phone to experience enhanced home comfort.