HVAC Services in El Cerrito, California

When the Contra Costa County heat becomes unbearable, or the cool breeze off the bay makes you want to bundle up, HVAC Home Services is here to make your El Cerrito, California home an escape to perfect temperatures.  You can rely on our team of experienced technicians to provide heating and cooling services for maintenance, repair, replacements, installations, and more.

We are proud to be a locally-owned El Cerrito area business and make a point to bring high-quality and reliable service to our neighbors across the area.  Once your temperature is the perfect degree, we can take your home comfort one step further with water heater services, thermostat repair and installation, and air quality service.

We believe your comfort and safety at home is one of the most important things you can invest in, and we are proud to help you make your property the best it can be. We’ll come by 24/7, even on weekends and holidays, if you need emergency HVAC service. Contact us today if you need assistance that works for you!

Heating Services

Furnace and Water heater Services

On the chillier days in El Cerrito, you’ll be glad your heater works reliably. HVAC Home Services offer everything you need to rest easy knowing your heating system will work when you need it most, including heat pump services.

Regular maintenance appointments can keep your system functioning, even when you aren’t using it, while reducing heating costs, extending your system’s lifespan, and preventing extensive repairs.

When you notice strange noises, uneven heating, or have a heating system that won’t turn on, you may need to give HVAC Home Services a call for heater repair. We’ve handled a variety of heater problems, from clogged filters and failing motors to strange noises and broken thermostats, and are on call anytime when you have a heater repair emergency.

Are maintenance and repairs becoming more and more common? We’ve got you covered for that as well. Heater replacement is an excellent choice for older models that have increasing problems. A newer heating system won’t just save you money on repairs but will run more efficiently, decreasing your heating energy bills. Options like heat pumps can be much more eco-friendly as well. No matter why your heater needs a little extra attention, call HVAC Home Services for maintenance, repairs, and replacements that keep you cozy on the coldest days.

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Cooling Services

Residents of El Cerrito are no strangers to the heat, which is why a smoothly running air conditioner is an essential fixture in any home. HVAC Home Services provides yearly maintenance alongside repairs and replacements for air conditioners of all kinds, including ductless AC and heat pumps.

A failing motor, low refrigerant level, clogged drain line, or another non-functioning component on your cooling system calls for a swift resolution.  If you notice signs of a failing part, such as weak airflow, warm air, or leaks, a call to the team at HVAC Home Services will get you back on track to a cool home.  Even in the middle of the night, if you have a repair that cannot wait, we are ready to get you the help you need.

Sometimes, your air conditioner is ready to retire, even with regular maintenance and repairs. HVAC Home Services offers air conditioner replacement. If your system is older than ten years or you are constantly calling for repairs, consider a new system and reap the rewards of energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality, and a longer lifespan for your entire HVAC system. No air conditioner at all? Don’t sweat any longer than you must. We also offer air conditioner installation to ensure your home stays comfortable in the sweltering heat. No matter what it takes to stay cool when the temperatures remain in the 80s and 90s, trust HVAC Home Services for dependable AC service and give us a call!

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Whether you are seeking an escape from the ever-present heat or tend to run a little cold, the technicians at HVAC Home Services are here to help. We approach every HVAC issue with a customer-first attitude and promise to provide fast and efficient home system care. Schedule your appointment or contact us with any questions; we can’t wait to hear from you.