Air Conditioning Repair

Stuck in the heat? HVAC Home Services specializes in air conditioning repairs. Give us a call to get back to cool air in no time!

HVAC Home Services has been providing Corona, Fontana, and the surrounding areas with reliable air conditioning repair services since 2014. We understand the importance of a reliable AC unit in the California heat! If you’re currently stuck in a home with a broken air conditioning unit, feel free to contact us today; we’re here to answer any questions you have.

There are a handful of issues you might run into if you have an air conditioning unit in your home. HVAC equipment doesn’t last forever, but with proper care, you can get the most out of your cooling system. When you choose to work with HVAC Home Services, you’re guaranteed to be left with an AC unit that keeps your family cool for years to come. If your air conditioning repair cannot wait, we offer 24/7 emergency repair service, because you deserve to live your life in comfort. The right kind of air conditioning repair experts can be found at HVAC Home Services! We proudly service Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Riverside, and beyond.

Signs Your Air Conditioner Needs Repairs

With HVAC Home Services, suffering on a hot day is a thing of the past. It is important to understand the signs an air conditioner can give that indicate it may need repairs, so that you can reach out to our experts before you lose refreshing, cool air. Some signs you need air conditioner repair include:

  • Your air conditioner that won’t turn on
  • Humming, squealing, banging, or other unusual noises
  • There are pools of water near the AC unit
  • You have unusually high humidity in your home
  • Unpleasant odors come from parts of your AC system
  • Your air conditioner cycles off and on frequently
  • Cooling bills are higher than average
Ductless AC Unit Installation

Additionally, your thermostat may indicate unusual activity with your air conditioner unit. In some cases, the thermostat may be the source of your cooling problems, requiring our thermostat repair or replacement services. HVAC Home Services provides air conditioner repair for traditional ducted systems, ductless air conditioners, and heat pumps.

Common Repairs We Perform

Our professional HVAC team has seen it all when it comes to air conditioning breakdowns, and we commonly make repairs to deal with any of the following issues:

No Power: An AC unit may not have power due to a problem with wiring or unit overheating.

Clogged Drains: Condensate drains can become home to algae growth and dirt build-up, stopping water from draining from the unit.

Broken Fan Belt or Motor:  A fan belt that snaps will stop your air conditioner from functioning, and a broken motor will stop air from circulating.

Low Refrigerant: If your unit is low on refrigerant, it may have a leak, in which case the tubing needs to be replaced and the refrigerant recharged.

Dirty Coils: Clogged and dirty coils may reduce an AC unit’s ability to absorb and release heat from your home.

Thermostat: Cooling problems may lie outside your air conditioner unit and with your thermostat. The thermostat must be programmed correctly and switched to the right mode.

Ductwork: Dirty or cracked ductwork can reduce the efficiency of air distribution throughout your home.

Our experts will inspect these systems and other parts of your air conditioner to determine the source of your cooling problems. We’ll repair and replace any parts that need attention or advise you if a complete air conditioner replacement is a better choice for your home.

Benefits of Repairing Your Air Conditioner

Scheduling with HVAC Home Services to repair your air conditioner as soon as you discover an inefficiency can:

  • Prevent larger repairs
  • Lengthen your unit’s lifespan
  • Decrease cooling bills
  • Increase indoor air quality
  • Lead to and HVAC system that runs more efficiently
  • Reduce indoor humidity
  • Keep your family healthy and happy

Is it Time to Repair or Replace?

The average air conditioning unit lasts up to 20 years. Eventually, everyone must replace the cooling system in their home. Whether your AC unit won’t turn on or is blowing hot air, our team is here to inspect the system & provide you with a solution you can trust. No matter what issue you are currently experiencing, we will do what’s best for you. Our team treats your family like our own. In the case your system is unrepairable, we have the expertise to help you choose a new system. Many factors should be considered when deciding to repair or replace the AC unit in your home, including unit age, home size, and frequency of repairs.

The heat in the Corona, CA area is nothing to mess with! If you’re finding yourself needing air conditioning repairs, don’t hesitate to call HVAC Home Services.

The best way to prevent air conditioner repairs is with regular preventative maintenance. We recommend having your system looked at twice a year, once before the beginning of the hottest season and once after it has worked hard all summer. We also recommend doing work to keep your air conditioner in good health, including clearing the area around the unit, replacing filters, and cleaning the fan, fins, and coils.

The licensed experts at HVAC Home Services know how to help when your AC unit needs repair. We have seen and dealt with many situations, from fixing a weird noise coming from your AC system to replacing the whole unit. We value customer satisfaction and work with you to choose what’s best for your family and home. We also provide additional home HVAC services, from water heater services to heater repair and replacement. HVAC Home Services is happy to provide the greater Fontana area with professional air conditioning repair services! Contact us today to learn more about your options for returning to home comfort. We’re just one phone call away.